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Welcome to ETP Hosted Web Form Services!

ETP Hosted Web Form Services are Personalized Custom Hosted Web Forms {with PayPal Integration if desired}, Hosted Database, and Email Blast Services to your specs.

We provide you with a link that you can use on your website, emails, or any other marketing materials. The link will take customers to a customized hosted page on this domain which will contain your custom form, logo or other graphics, plus any other language you'd like to appear.

Best $50 You'll Spend To Increase Sales!

Hosted Web Form Services Pricing Options


ETP Basic Web Form Services Plan


$50/ Month

You can pay monthly or once every six months at a discount.
Web Forms 5 We will include up to 5 custom forms at no additional charge.
Fields per Form 20 This is really up to you. We recommend 20 max. as people tend to abandom forms if they're too lengthy.
Hosted Web Forms Yes We host your form on our website at no additional charge.
Custom Designed & Branded Web Forms Yes Unlike services that use themes, we actually work with you to incorpoate your brading including links to and from your website.
Install Web Forms on my website Yes This is not a standard part of the basic package, but we are certainly willing to do that for you if you'd like. We can provide hosting, maintenance, and complete administration of you website if you'd like.
Hosted Database Yes Included with the basic package. The database is hosted on our website and can be the case even when we develop a form that is on your website.
Export to excel Yes We will export the database in either excel or csv format once a month and email it to you.
Automated Emails to Clients Yes When one of your clients fills out a form they will receive an automatic email if you wish, plus be redirected to a webpage of your choice. Typically this is a Thank You page or Home Page.
Automated emails to Form owner Yes As above, an automatic email will be sent to you with everything the client enters into the form when they submit the form. This can be really helpful for more information and follow-up sales inquires.
Email Blast Service Yes, included! We know of no other service that offers form packages that include email blast services. Up to 1,000 contacts per blast, with 4 blasts per month. Full reporting for bounces, opens, clicks, forwards. This service Typically sells for $15/month by itself.
Ability to code required? No You do not need the ability to code. We do that for you.
File Attachments No File attachments are not standard functionality. We can however have fileds where user might cut and paste large blocks of text, resume text for example.
Paypal integration? Yes This is a great option for a small business, a not for profit, or just personal needs. You will need to open a PayPal account to accept PayPal and Credit Card payments.. We will then be able to integrate your PayPal buttons for sales or donations. Great option if you only have a few items for sale and don't want to implement a shopping cart.
Pricing per Month $50/ month Your credit Card will be billed $50/month. You can cancel at any time and will be billed only for current months used.
Pricing for 6 months (discount applied) $250

Billed every six months at $50 discount, $250 every six months.


To Unsubscribe anytime using your PayPal account or simply contact us directly 


Sample form . . . . . . .>>> web form sample.......>>>Fill out this form and see a sample email notification!

Free Consultation

Contact us here with any questions you have regarding this service or even questions you may have about your existing website.

We're quite happy to help. This is a FREE SERVICE.

If you'd rather have us provide form, database, or general web support services on your own domain you should contact here as well.

ETP Hosted Web Form Services are a great, cost effective solution for:

* A Retail company wanting to develop email lists, sell products, announce specials, deliver coupons, etc.

* A Travel Agency booking special trips or events.

* A Manufacturing Company adding to a lead database through the use of whit papers or catalogs.

* A Product business with a few products to sell online, but not enough to justify using a shopping cart application.

* A Not for Profit organization - collecting mail lists information, taking donations, selling products, selling event registrations.

* An individual interested in selling items online.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Forms can I have? That's entirely up to you. We recommend keeping them to a maximum of 20 fields mostly becuase people will abandon the form if there are too many fields. Types of forms can vary from contact forms, to newsletter sign up, to mailing list, to discount coupon.

What kind of Fields can I have? That's entirely up to you. They can be drop down selection type, free form text, phone, ZIP, email, comments, check box, radio button, etc.

What Happens when my customer fills out the Form? When the customer clicks the "submit" button an email is sent to you with all of the form data. The Hosted Database is updated. The customer receives and email with the form data. The customer is redirected to the URL of you choice. This is typically either a Thank You page on your website or some other landing page of your choosing.

Tell me about my Database. Your Database is hosted on our site. We email you all of your data in an excel or csv format every month. If you need it anytime in between, just let us know. If you have an existing database that you would like us to append the form data to, we will be happy to do that at no extra charge. Our standard limit for emails is 1,000 records maximum. If your need are greater call us for a quote.

What are Email Services? You supply us with the html email you would like us to send out. We will send out up to 4 email blasts per month to your database of up to 1,000 records included in the standard email option. We will obey all anti-spam and pornography laws. We will send you reports on opens, forwards, bounces, and clicks by email address within 48 hrs of thee mail being sent.

How does PayPal integration work? PayPal provides services for individuals and businesses that will allow the account owner to accept online payments to people that have PayPal accounts and if enabled, accept most major credit cards. Like many other services, PayPal charges a fee for these services, but does offer quite a bit of support behind the scenes. ETP Marketing will integrate and install your PayPal payment and donation buttons on your Hosted Web Form allowing your clients to perform the transaction. Once the client has paid you via PayPal, it will be your responsibility to fulfill the transaction, whether it is a product, service, subscription, or donation.










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